Friday, January 9, 2015

Our kids abroad: Part III (Japan)

Sooo hey there! Vito & Manu with another travel blog post!!!!!


We arrived in Tokyo, Japan on December 28, 2014. Time Zone there was UTC+9:00. We met everyone who was on the tour with us. We met the tour guide - his name was Mr. Chris. We put our luggage on the bus and we rode the bus to Excel Hotel Tokyu Narita. After that we went to an AEON Mall. We stayed there until around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. We went to the hotel and slept there one night.

The next day we ate breakfast fast and then we went to the bus and rode to the Tokyo proper. We rode across the city and stopped at Meiji Shrine. We went around the path and reached the Shrine. We walked around it and saw people writing their offerings and other stuff like that. After that we walked back to the bus and rode to the Tokyo Tower. Mommy and Kuya Vito immediately ran inside. I don’t know if it was the cold or the shopping center there. Daddy and I walked outside slowly and took photos (and selfies) of us and Tokyo Tower. We went to the bus (again) and drove to Asakusa. We had lunch there. Kuya Vito used a spoon but I used chopsticks. I ate some shrimp and ate rice and slurped some soup. But I remembered I had a teensy weensy allergy with seafood. So I got itchy. After lunch Mr. Chris said watch out for pickpockets at Asakusa Shrine. The other tourists and us split up and we walked to the waiting area of our fellow tourists. (The other tourists were all Filipinos.) When they arrived we jumped on the bus again then went to Ginza. Then we bought toy trains called Plarail from Toy Park and Mommy and Daddy bought clothes. When we met at the meeting spot again in Ginza,we hopped on the bus to Hotel Grand Palace. On day 4 we will have a new tour guide named Mr. Thomas. We slept again. 

We woke up whenever we wanted because day 3 was a free day. We went to SkyTree by taxi and went to the observation deck. It looked a bit like Taipei 101 but taller. When we went down we went to the Sumida aquarium. We saw aquatic animals and (very) cute penguins! We took photos and we waddled (get it? Penguin -> waddle) to the souvenir shop and bought candy and a (intensely) cute baby penguin stuffed toy. After that we went to a train station and took an Express train to Shimbashi. We took the Yurikamome monorail line to Odaiba. We stopped there and then we were on an elevated area between buildings. We took photos of us and the Statue of Liberty replica. After that we went to the beach. Then we went to a building with an auto show. It had old cars, new cars and future cars. Mostly Toyotas. We tried to find a train station and we ended up using the Rinkai line. After that we transferred to Yamanote line, yay! We went to Shibuya station and we rode back to Kudanshita. We walked back to the hotel and slept there. 

Next day we boarded the bus and took the loooooong ride to Ashinoko Lake. We boarded a pirate ship like boat and rode along the lake to a cable car station. We rode the cable car up to a mountain. We were at the side of it. We stayed there a few minutes. When it was time we went to the bus and rode to a buffet restaurant. And the way how it works was: Get some rice on your plate. On another plate get raw chicken or pork. On your table dip the raw meat in the soy sauce and put it in the grill. When it’s cooked get it and eat! After that we rode to Fuji no Yakata Hotel. There was REAL snow. But it was like ice already but I was able to throw a snowball at Kuya Vito. We ate there. I ate some steak and rice. 

The next day was January 1, 2015. We boarded the bus and rode to LaLaport in Tokyo City proper. I was feeling sleepy dizzy and sick. When we went to lunch (separately from the others) we had pizza. But I ate only 1 piece. When we went to the bathroom I barfed. After we met the others again. We boarded the bus to the airport and we took the Delta flight and flew back home.

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