Monday, September 15, 2014

Our kids abroad: Part II (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

(As written and narrated by, well, the boys.)

[Note from the boys: We might not remember much about our travels, so this is the best we could. 

Another note: My kids have taken over part II so please respect them. (This, according to Manu.)]

2011 or 2012? (Sorry, we don’t remember.)

We have gone to Singapore like thrice so this might not be in order. In Singapore we went to the Singapore Flyer. Our hotel was Royal Plaza Hotel. We also came to Singapore Zoo, Sentosa, and the Science Museum.


This part is about Hong Kong now. We are new to blogging (Manu and Vito) so it might be short. Sorry about the multiple notes. Our hotel was Bishop Lei Hotel. It was near the longest escalator. We went to a mall by train just for Vito to use the Boeing Flight Simulator. When we were done we went back by a long ride by taxi. It seems it was the taxi driver’s lucky day because we paid him more. We had a new year’s eve feast .It was the new year now (2014) on 12:00 am unfortunately when the fireworks came out I (Manu) was asleep L. Then we went back to the Philippines.


We went to Taipei, Taiwan on a China Airlines B737-800 series. Our hotel was Howard Plaza Hotel. It was connected to a little mall. At that day we went to the mall area of Taipei 101 for our mom’s shopping. It was tiring for us kids. The next day we took a train to the Taipei Expo Park. We saw airplanes because it was near an airport. The Expo Park seemed deserted (no offense too the staff of the Expo Park). It was really hot there. So we left for the train to the hotel. The next day our mom had a meeting (she brought us on her business trip (her officemates came separately). Since she wasn’t there it was a “guys trip” for us kids and our dad. We went to Taipei 101 and this time on the observatory deck (indoor and outdoor). We felt sorry  our mom wasn’t joining us. We were a bit scared of the outdoor deck (excluding our dad). But we conquered our fear of heights. Then early tomorrow it was time to go home.


Dad – for giving us this idea from this page.
Manu – typing most if not all of this article.
Vito- correcting spelling errors and grammatical errors. Also helped with the words.

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