Sunday, March 18, 2012

"The stage of life is yours for the taking"

It is with fondness and delight that we anticipate to watch our sons, Joaquin and Enrique, together with their classmates and schoolmates, perform today.

We were initially wondering what could our kids be doing in school after class as their lips were tightly sealed. They kept saying it was a “top secret,” as instructed by their teachers. Then gradually, as weeks went by, bits and pieces of the play were being teasingly revealed to us - some dance steps, dialogues, and the roles they’re about to play. Until, finally, we found out about “The Lost Treasure.”

Of course, we appreciate the fact that Joaquin and Enrique are enjoying themselves and having pure fun rehearsing and playing with their friends. My husband and I are firm believers of learning beyond textbooks and formal lessons, about people and about life.

This exemplary example of the vaunted multiple-intelligence approach of Juventus definitely helps the kids understand certain situations and empathize with some characters. We know this is another step for them to gain confidence and just be themselves in public even as it teaches the value of cooperation, hard work, and plain friendship.

We are happy and excited to know that, finally, the product of the kids’ and their teachers’ months-long efforts will be shared with us - their parents and relatives – today. Nothing can warm the heart more.

And no matter the role, regardless of their exposure, I’d like to say that we should be proud of our kids. It is through their individual contributions that the whole play is built; without any of them it would be incomplete. Together, they constitute the sum of all parts of what we’re about to enjoy today.

At this point, for Joaquin and Enrique, permit me to say, “break a leg!” For all the kids, just go and have fun. The stage of life is yours for the taking.    

(This is the speech delivered by my better half for our kids' school play as the parents' message.)   


  1. Hey Subiclawyer, any photos from their presentation? Congrats to Joaquin and Enrique!