Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I barely noticed it: 50 posts and 4,629 pageviews later, we're ushering another year – the Dragon year, according to the Chinese calendar. Let me pause to thank those who have supported this humble blog: Gina, my loving and lovely wife; my brother Joel; Tiara, my sis in the PSD sorority; brod Gilbeys; JTA, my classmate; Elma, friend and staff; and fellow blogger, Bay of 1k4tribike.

Thank you, fellow netizens around the world who have stumbled into my blog; I hope the articles have helped you understand or led you to discover whatever it was that you were looking for, particularly on matters involving Philippine law. Should there be some mistakes, I apologize – the responsibility is purely mine.

Thanks for bearing with my personal and random musings about family life, travels, literature and whatnot. I hope you somehow found them useful, amusing, even both.

I wish you all the best of this Season! Have a safe and happy new year. Cheers for a better year ahead!         

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