Saturday, June 25, 2011

For my wife on our 8th year anniversary

It was also raining so hard like this
when I first laid my eyes on you –
a picture of a serene, refined woman
seemingly unperturbed by my pretentiousness
and awkward preening.

Which kept me guessing.
And yearning.

You were sunbeams peeking through
the dark clouds of my existence, and the gnawing
misgivings slowly turned to ease
and desire to please you.

You were amihan winds bringing warmth
and caress to my soul, driving away both
precipitations and trepidations.

Eight years hence, how could I not remember,
when you remain the light of my life,
the anchor of my dreams,
the warm breeze banishing away all the pains?

Seasons have changed so many times
since that momentous rainy day;
one thing remains constant,
pure and crystal-clear:
I love you, Ginababe,
with all my heart,
my destiny,
from here towards the infinity.

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