Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manu and the art of subtle blackmail

Now, this one is about our second-born son who seems to have my number.

One day before the classes ended, and while in school, a mom of one of Manu’s girl classmates sheepishly approached my wife and asked her if it was ok to invite Manu and Vito to her daughter’s birthday. Of course, my wife saw nothing unusual with that. However, the mom also told her that Manu was her daughter’s chosen partner for the cotillion, hehe.

My wife was pleasantly taken aback. But she said yes, nonetheless. She was giggling when she told me about it. For 2-3 weeks almost everyday, our boys would go to the girl’s house and rehearse the dances with the other kids. Almost everyday, upon getting home I would also ask them how the practice was going, and invariably tease Manu about his classmate. “Nah, I’m still a kid,” he is wont to say.

The big day came. It was on a weekend, about 3:00 in the afternoon. I was lazily lounging in bed, flicking the TV remote. The boys were busy in the living room getting dressed. Then I heard the bedroom door open. A stuff toy softly hit the TV. I looked back at the door and saw Manu, on his black pants, long-sleeve polo shirt and tie.

“You’re not coming with us?” Manu asked. “Yeah,” I said, “I need to rest for a while and I’ll work later. Your mommy will join you.” Then brief silence. “You won’t see me dance,” he gently but decisively declared.

Well, I got up quickly, brushed my teeth, washed my face, combed my hair and put on a pair of cargo shorts and fresh shirt and went with them. Case - if ever there was one - closed.

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